The past few months have been a blur to be honest. I am involved in the project Tah which was crowdfunded recently on crowdsupply. I was on a month-and-a-half long tour of the promising land of Murica where I met some of the most amazing makers and hackers. I visited places like FamiLab, Hacker Dojo, Pumping Station One which have set high standards for Doo and IoT Pune for me. In fact we might be coming up with something radically different for Doo in the next few months.

Another benefit was getting the kind of stuff that you don't get here in India. Things like Shapeoko 2, PixHawk, Nerf guns (upon later inspection you do get nerf guns here, also quite cheaper than their American counterparts), cheap good fitting clothes( I am way past the 6' feet mark and that's not exactly understandable to Indian clothes manufacturers), other stuff to build drones, leap motion, Polaroid Cube, etc. I kind of hope that Amazon bridges this gap of not being able to get things like these in our 3rd world. Perhaps someone like iBhejo will fill that void, but it's too soon to tell.

Now that Tah is drawing to an end (we ship to our backers early Jan, or hopefully late December), I might find time to work on some other projects. I have been involved in reviewing this awesome book by Andrew Henderson which has a lot of interesting applications. I am also pretty excited about the new board, the X 15. I would love to mix these last 2 things together.

Another interesting thing that I want to do is start learning a bit about materials. Stuff like wood, aluminium, plastic. It's a very fundamental thing for humanity, as everything that's around me right now, right from the chair, the food and the keyboard, has been transformed into it's current form from something very very very raw. Efforts like the Fairphone make you want to understand about all this even more.

I want to get back into the promising world of drones too. That's a bus that I didn't miss, but was thrown out off. By my own stupid self. I was initially a part of the awesome PixHawk Fire project but had to quit because of my commitments at Tah. It's something that has a lot of potential and should have had my undivided attention TBH. Nevertheless, I hope to get back on it ASAP. I am definitely not going to miss this bus, or should I say flight.