Talks and workshops

I love evangelising whatever I am working on. I feel its a great way to meet interesting people, get feedback about your work, and get more users on board a platform.

Below is an almost complete list of the talks that I have given.

Title Event Slides Video
Building products with ESP32 FOSSAsia '19 Link
Voice Assistants on Tiny, Low-Cost Micro-controllers FOSSAsia '19 Link
Integrating Voice in your Products India Electronics Week 2017, Bengaluru Link
Smart homes to cities with EZ Connect India Electronics Week 2016, Bengaluru Link
Automating Marvell’s Workflows with 88MW302 Connect 1.0 at Marvell Semiconductors Link
Beacons, Eddystone and the Physical Web DroidCon India '15 Link Link
Hardware Dashboard for DevOps Deccan Ruby Conference 2014 Link Link
Exploring Amazon AWS IoT IoT-Pune meetup Link Link