New beginnings

In life updates, I quit my job at Espressif last month to move on to different things. With my 2 years at Espressif, and a similar duration at Marvell Semiconductors as outside contractor – I have a cumulative 4 years of experience of working on Wi-Fi microcontrollers and "Smart Home". It was a pretty amazing ride while it lasted!

View from my desk

These days I spend my time working on a side project (should I call it my main project now that I am not employed anywhere?), watching movies, and cooking. It's been a fun 4 weeks so far. There are books that I didn't find time to read being opened again, and tabs that I'd promised to read later being shut down. It's a calm life

Between quitting my role at Marvell, and joining Espressif as it's #3 employee in India, I had a few months of break. Some un-hectic time spent working, reading, climbing local hills, making salads, and watching Game of Thrones (the penultimate season had just released then). "Right now" feels somewhat of a deja vu of that.

I have some blog posts I want to write –

  1. 4 to 40 – how roles in startups change with team size
  2. Why designations matter more than you think
  3. Risks, rewards, learning, and startups

More on that once I am done with this ongoing siesta :)

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